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Repair Services
UES repair services for POS and Inventory equipmentUES provides a variety of repair options:
Need A RMA?
Request a RMAIf your product needs to be repaired, use our provided RMA request form. Once the form has been returned to us, you will be contacted and given a Return of Material Authorization (RMA) number with shipping instructions.
Returned goods will not be accepted without an official RMA number.
UES sales of POS & Inventory equipmentUES has specialized in sales of quality new and refurbished data collection equipment since 1981. Our products go through an extensive refurbishment process to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction in the industry. We offer very generous warranties and stand behind our products with personal, courteous support from our experienced staff.
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UES Repair Service

UES Repair Service
UES Repair ServicesUES provides the perfect solution for customers looking for high quality repairs with responsive service on a brand neutral range of POS (Point of Sale) and data collection equipment. We are a single-source provider of sales, service, and repair for greater efficiency and cost savings for you.

 Equipment Reconditioning
We are completely focused on providing you, the customer, with high quality reconditioned equipment, wherever you are in the world. We know how important it is for you to make the right investment decisions and we understand that the purchase of new equipment is not always feasible with tight operating budgets. Purchasing reconditioned equipment or allowing us to recondition your current equipment opens the door for you to incur savings up to 60% while providing the same quality and performance.

The equipment will have:
  • Thorough detail cleaning of complete system
  • Functionality testing
  • Inspected for problems or potential problems
  • Disassembly and testing of major components
  • Replacement of worn or damaged parts as needed
  • Radios and electronics checked and adjusted as necessary
  • Reassembled
  • Final functional testing documented
  • Shipped back to you in a worry-free condition

Careful scrutiny is used to insure that all items are within the tolerances necessary to make each and every reconditioning as close to OEM specifications as possible. In most cases, there is no difference.
 Maintenance Agreements
All equipment require on-going periodic maintenance after warranties expire. One of the primary benefits of negotiating a service or maintenance agreement with UES is that you have ready access to the parts and highly trained personnel required to maintain or repair the equipment. UES offers equipment maintenance, service, and technical support to fortify your business goals. Plus, service or maintenance contracts are generally the most economical method for servicing or maintaining equipment.

Contracts are setup per client needs and specifications, but we offer:
  • Technical Support:
    You will receive technical information upon request by phone, FAX, or Email including the latest troubleshooting solutions and upgrade information.

  • Quick Response:
    You will receive prompt attention from highly skilled service technicians who have extensive diagnostic and repair experience.

  • Lower Costs:
    You get discounts on selected parts and labor. The scheduled maintenance agreement is designed to keep your equipment up and running so you avoid costly downtime and unexpected bills.

  • Less Paperwork:
    When you need service, having a UES Service Agreement budgeted and in place reduces the paperwork associated with purchase orders, check request documentation, and billing codes.

 Flat Rate Charges
Flat Rate or Per Occurrence Charge – is one simple fee charged to repair an item per issue. So basically, it means that you know what the cost of a repair is regardless of how long it takes. You will never again be surprised by a repair bill larger than expected. We feel by giving customers complete knowledge of how much they will spend on repairs before the repair is performed, we will build your trust, goodwill, and ultimately a healthy relationship that will last for years to come.

Advantages to flat rate repairs:

  • No hourly charges
  • No diagnostic fee
  • No hidden charges
  • You'll know the exact price up front
  • No handling fees
  • Standard UPS Ground freight included in price
  • All repairs include a 90-day warranty

This rate varies depending on the type and model of the equipment in question. The owner, prior to UES completing the repair, must approve any variances in the up front quoted repair price.

 Time and Material

Time and Material, also called traditional repairs, are the simplest way to get the facts on your repair. You are billed according to the amount of time it takes to complete the repair along with the cost of any parts needed. The Time and Material service is mainly reserved for products and special cases that are not serviceable under any other Maintenance Agreements.


  • Reasonable hourly rates
  • Pricing varies depending on model
  • All repairs will be charged a maximum of 2 hours
  • Most repairs are completed in 1 hour
  • We do not bill on ¼ or ½ hour intervals
  • Detailed account of the repair is provided to you
  • Return freight is not included in this program
  • 90 day warranty

Please keep in mind there are exceptions to these rules.

UES - Repair Service Information
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